Flexy Time

at The Hoxton

Check-in and check-out whenever you like.

For free.


No more leaving your luggage at reception, counting down the hours 'til you can shower, or dragging your sleepy self out of bed come morning.

Hit snooze, sharpen up, and squeeze the most out of your stay without paying any extra!


How it works

  • 1. Book direct at thehoxton.com
  • 2. Set check-in and check-out times (72+ hours in advance)
  • 3. That's it! See you at The Hox

Come early.
Drop your bags. Sleep in.
You're welcome.

T&C's - Flexy Time can only be booked online through thehoxton.com if booking is made more than 72 hours ahead of arrival. Not available for group bookings. Flexy Time can't be used for two reservations where there is less than 48 hours between these.

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