When can we see you again?

Here’s where it’s at…

We know things are getting a little complicated around here now that restrictions differ from place to place, but here’s the latest on what’s going on where across our hotels…

USA — we’re open!

All of our hotels in the USA are open, with restrictions across our restaurants and bars — check out our local restaurant pages to find out the latest. Rooms across Williamsburg, Chicago, Portland & Downtown LA are open as usual, and we have some sweet deals should you be looking for an excuse to get outside of your own four walls.

Amsterdam — we’re open for hotel guests only

Over in Amsterdam, our doors are open and our restaurant, Lotti’s, remains open for guests to dine during their stay. Check out our latest offers, including a savvy little staycation package with food and drink credit included. Night cap anyone?

London — we’re open!

We’re reopening all three London hotels from Wednesday 2nd December, including our restaurants and bars, and will be following the government’s Tier 2 rules and regulations closely. For restaurant opening times, check out Seabird, Albie, Rondo and Hoxton Grill, or head to our offers page to find a great excuse to treat yourself to a staycay!

Paris — we’ll see you soon!

Sad news! We’ve had to temporarily close our doors in Paris. We are currently taking bookings from 5th January and will keep our guests up to date should anything change.

Fully Flex

Life’s a bit up in the air at the moment, but we’re determined to make it more flexible than ever.

  • Free Cancellations: Under the weather? Travel plans botched? Rest easy, we know it’s best to err on the side of safety these days. For the foreseeable, you’ll be set to make cancellations free of charge until 2pm the day before your stay.
  • Flexy Time: No more counting down the hours ’till you can shower, or dragging your sleepy self out of bed come morning. Check in, check out, whenever you like – for free if you book directly on thehoxton.com.

Keeping It Clean

Cleanliness has always been a top priority and we’re committed to keeping it squeaky.

  • You’ll see us more often in high traffic areas, cleaning and sanitising down those pesky high touch items that need a bit of love. Think the front desk, WC’s, door handles, counters, tabletops, lift buttons – all will be getting our undivided attention.
  • Hand sanitiser will be visible and readily available throughout the hotel, so keep those hands clean, kids!

Checking In

Setting you up swiftly and safely.

  • We promise to keep it brief and have keys and information readily available upon arrival.
  • There will be extra care taken at our front desk. Any key cards, pens, credit card terminals that you come into contact with will be disinfected after each use.
  • We’ll be giving you a bit of space, asking you to take care of your own luggage and find your way to your room. We promise the trek is as easy as can be.
  • Hoping for a handshake? You’ll have to excuse us when we politely decline. We have only your best interests in mind.

Cosy Stays

Back to basics.

  • In-room, we’re pairing it back to the essentials, keeping everything you need and scrapping everything you don’t.
  • Things like pens, our trusty survival guides, notepads and maps have made their way out, but we’ll have everything handy in the event you may need it.
  • We’ve always thoroughly cleaned rooms between guests, replacing linen and towels, and we’ll continue to do so.
  • We’ll be paying extra attention to all the commonly used items – wiping down remote controls, light switches, A/C controls and door handles ’til they’re squeaky clean.
  • Craving room service? We’ll be dropping this outside your door in an effort to minimise people coming in and out of your room.
  • In need of a tidy up? Housekeeping will be available upon request, so you know who’s been in your room, and when.

Distant Dining

Same delicious bites, just slightly spread out.

  • We’re making some changes to the way we set and serve tables, organise seating, take orders and display menus in our restaurant and bar spaces.
  • We’ll be introducing digital ordering systems and single use condiments to keep contact at a minimum.
  • We’ve moved away from shared styles of food and beverage.
  • We’ll be adhering to physical distancing recommendations, giving you ample space to enjoy your meal.

Fancy A Dip?

Pool’s open and summer vibes still thrive.

  • Our pool in Downtown LA will be open, but we’ll be limiting guest numbers to allow for social distancing and sanitising between guests.
  • Sanitiser and wipes will be readily available to keep your sun lounging spaces clean.
  • Towels will be individually wrapped and provided upon request.

The Apartment

Gathering safely.

  • We’ve changed up the layout to make sure everybody has enough space to be safe
  • Cleanliness is our priority across all areas so you’ll see us more often.
  • We’ve moved away from sharing snacks in the pantry, and have replaced them with jars of goodies with individually wrapped items.
  • Look out for changes to the way we serve lunches as there will be no more sharing plates – everybody will get their own.
  • We’ll be popping up signage across the space to make sure everybody knows the rules.

Good Neighbour Guide

We’re in it together, let’s be good to one another.

  • Let’s see those stylish masks! Remember to wear PPE where appropriate and mandated by local governments.
  • Hand sanitiser will be readily available upon entry, so take full advantage!
  • We’re redesigning our spaces to respect social distancing rules and may ask you to limit the number of people in a lift or in the lobby.
  • Be mindful of others – signage will remind you where to sit and stand.
  • If you’re not feeling well and are showing COVID-19 symptoms, please self-isolate. We’ll get in touch with appropriate health authorities to get you the care you need.

Our Peeps

Caring for our people, so they can care for you.

  • We’ve issued guidance and COVID_19 training to our teams on the ground. Everyone’s expected to play by the rules.
  • PPE will be required and provided to our teams for your safety and theirs.
  • Our team knows how to proceed if they or anyone they live with has any symptoms of COVID-19.
  • Social distancing will be implemented in all of our team areas including kitchens and back of house spaces.

We can’t wait to open our doors to you and see those smiling faces again. We’ll be monitoring things closely as the world evolves, so be sure to check back here before you check in.