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Word of Mouth: Henry Hargreaves

Photographer Henry Hargreaves has made playing with your food an artform. A native New Zealander, he’s been based in New York for the last 15 years, calling Bushwick home.

His photos have a glossy, vividly colourful, hyper-saturated quality – from luminous lollipops to phallic fairy bread. It’s work that’s allowed him to perform such tasks as deep frying iPhones, wigging out with pasta, and reimagining the last meals of death-row prisoners.

In 2014, Henry started Coffee Cups of the World, documenting his hundreds-strong collection. Here, he spotlights some of his favourites, perfectly paired with sweet treats found in and around Brooklyn.

5 Leaves 

“Where it all began… with this cup. It’s designed by a local tattoo artist. This place is run by an Australian so you know the muffin will be good!”



“This one’s in a Kabbalah center! The cookie had a generous dose of chocolate so played all the right notes for me. I had been sent a tip from someone on Insta about it. Loved the Victorian feel of the cup illustration.”


Jack’s Wife Freda 

“When I arrived in NY, I worked as a bartender to keep my head above water. I worked with Dean who started this place and it has been like a second home for me. Their cup design sums up the place – simple, sweet, welcoming and unpretentious. They don’t do pastries, but I do love a waffle with a ton of fruit and syrup!”



“A little mutual back scratch! Love the doodles on the cup – it makes it fun to drink from. The donut has an amazing passion fruit glaze, too.”

• Jack’s Wife Freda
• Matto


“One of the great contemporary cafes in NY. Butler is named after Chef Ryan Butler who is a wizard of treats. The morning glory cake and the French toast croissant are a couple of personal favs. I kept them all for myself!”


Flour Shop 

“Amirah who founded this place is all about rainbows, Mickey and smiley faces (which is what’s on the reverse side of the cup). These cake balls hit the spot when a whole piece of cake just isn’t possible. I also just shot their cake book, so keep an eye out!”



“I love their cups! They have a bunch of variations and they’re all so elegant. The nibbles too… Their homemade Oreo with the cream oozing out when you squeeze. Also, the matcha croissant. I like to alternate bites from each end.”

• Butler
• Maman

Sant Ambroeus

“This is a place that makes me feel special just going in. The cups are playful and refined and they take their coffee seriously. When I worked at a restaurant years ago, our manager sent us here to taste how coffee should be made. It’s also Italian, serving little cookies to go with your coffee. The tin is also lovely. My assistant asked if she could keep it after the shoot.”



“This one’s a coffee cart, so it took me a moment to track it down. Currently parked 23rd and 5th. Their cup game is so fun. Keith Haring, US flag, Ancient Greek design and deli culture all star. I love it when a small independent takes so much pride in the details. Their jam croissant is so dreamy. Slightly warmed, buttery, flaky and the perfect sweetness. You have to sit down to get the full experience.”


Sweat Shop 

“These guys have a design studio in the back and a little cafe in front. They serve the classic almond croissant from Balthazar. Love the mash-up of a classic pastry in a place that’s pretty rock and roll.”

• Sweat Shop
• Peddler

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