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How to get the most out of your city run with Jake Archer

Here at The Hoxton, we like to share running routes for a bespoke and inspiring experience. We also like to get tips from our pro runner friends. Recently, we collaborated with Adidas Runners on a Marathon-themed hotel experience. We managed to catch up (phew) with one of them, Jake Archer, to get his tips on how to get the most out of your run, from favourite playlists to what a footballer told him about staying hydrated.

What do you eat the night before a big run?

The night before I’m very much into routine already. I’m not someone that feels the need to carb load a day before, but I start to look at my overall diet a few weeks ahead and make adjustments then. For example, I’ll make sure I’m keeping myself hydrated, I’ll cut out alcohol and take aways and generally give more thought to what I’m eating. I think keeping that routine and making those slight adjustments a couple weeks prior allows the body to adjust and take everything on board… no one wants any last-minute hiccups!

Your go-to running accessory?

It would have to be my Coros Watch. When I first started, I was just using my phone but then I upgraded to the much mocked Apple Watch for my runs. This change allowed me to have greater control over my heart rate and my pacing and really helped improve my running. More recently, I’ve moved on to a Coros Pace 3. This does a similar job to the Apple Watch, however it’s a lot more precise – its purpose seems to be fitness so it allows for even greater improvements.

What’s the best way you stay hydrated?

Drink enough water 24 hours before hand. A footballer I know once told me that and I’ve stuck with it ever since. That said, I do I always tend to carry a bottle while running, but if I know I have a long run the next day I’ll make sure I’m drinking lots of water the day prior. In my head, it’s beneficial.

Your favourite music to run to?

For me, the tempo of the music doesn’t dictate what run I’m going to do. On easier runs, I’ll opt for a NTS show from a host like Macca or Floating Points and for anymore more intense I’ll opt for a live DJ set from the likes of Four Tet or Bonobo.


What’s your top tip for pushing through when you feel like your flagging?

Don’t be afraid to stop or slow down and take a minute to reassess the run. However, I often find that pushing through those tougher runs and getting it done gives you a much bigger sense of achievement. You don’t resent the run, but you feel great for getting it done. Running is a mental game as much as a physical one.

How do you prefer your friends and family to show their appreciation on marathon day?

Turning up gives you a feeling like nothing else. Especially for something like a half or full marathon. When you get that excitement of seeing loved ones, it really does spur you on. With my family not being from London and not able to attend runs, they often track me so that they get notifications of when I hit certain points. I’ll often get texts along the lines of ‘half way, you’ve got this’, so when I see that notification on my watch, it helps.

Your favourite post-run treat?
All runs end with a coffee and a crossiant or bagel!

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