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Ask The Artist

Ask the Artist: Gloria Landenberger

Where is your studio – and why did you choose this neighbourhood?

It’s in an old school building in the west part of Amsterdam. This old school is also home to the biggest techno club in Amsterdam, a brilliant restaurant and lots of different creative studios and workshops. One of my favorite places to hang out in Amsterdam.


Where may we have seen your work?

My work has been published in various magazines like Vogue, Elle Decoration, etc. and has been presented and sold through my own interior brand 2222STUDIO (and my former project SOMÉE). I am currently selling my pieces worldwide, from Japan, Australia, United Arabic Emirates over Europe to the US and Canada, which is really exciting. Because of social media some images of my work, especially photos of my ceramic masks are now floating everywhere through the internet, I tend to randomly come across them on Pinterest for example. You can follow me here @22_22Studio.


Tell us about your creative process.

Working in the studio is my type of meditation. Whenever I have time I, would spend it there. While working with clay, I love to let the material and coincidence lead me in finding the final shape. As the production of my existing designs already takes up so much time, I wish I would have more spare time to experiment. I usually have my best ideas under the shower, while I am reading and when I see something that turns out to be completely different than I thought it was.


How do art and interiors intersect in your work?

I already find it difficult to draw a line here as it’s all connected for me. I love sculptural shapes, colours, compositions, something that you’ll find back both in interior, art and in my work. All my pieces will eventually also become part of my own interior. I love to regularly rearrange and document it. I am currently dreaming of a bigger showroom where I could curate my work together with a constantly changing selection of furniture pieces that inspire me.


What are your favourite objects and materials to work with?

Clay, because it’s so diverse, it can be fluid, soft and hard. But I would also love to work more with glass, wood, stone and paper.


What do you do when you feel stuck in a rut?

Go for walk and start fresh or have a good conversation.


“While working with clay, I love to let the material and coincidence lead me in finding the final shape.”

What advice would you give to aspiring artists or creatives?

Stay curious. Look for exchange with other creatives. Just do it. If you start somewhere, the rest will fall into place.


Do you have any favourite blogs or Instagrams you’d like to share?








What sounds do you like to work to?

I rediscovered listening to podcasts while working in the studio. Otherwise my music selection varies randomly from Jazz over Hip Hop to Techno, depending on my mood.


If you were an artwork, what would you be?

An odd sculpture, smooth on one side, rough on the other.


What are your favourite places in Amsterdam to get you inspired?

Stedelijk, Toki, Time&Style, Bocca, De School, Frozen Fountain, Vuurtoreneiland, Voorlinden Museum (which is actually outside of Amsterdam)


What’s next to come out of your studio?

I am currently working on the launch of a couple of new interior objects to expand my collection. And I am in conversation with some interesting collaborations for 2021. Part of the longterm plan is also the opening of a studio/showroom/shop and a second pillar in Paris.


Besides your professional work, what are your passions?

Traveling, animals, flower arrangements, architecture, interiors, furniture hunting, food (rather enjoying it than cooking myself), studying people, colours, photography.

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