Go Back Thu 24 Jan 7pm-9pm
Go Back Thu 24 Jan 7pm-9pm

Loneliness in Motherhood

The Hoxton, Williamsburg, 97 Wythe Avenue, Brooklyn

There are a lot of stark truths that accompany early motherhood, many of which are left unspoken for fear of being thought of as a ‘bad’ parent. We’re putting all parental taboos to bed, and creating a safe space to get into the nitty gritty that comes with early motherhood, namely the loneliness one feels in the first few months of nurturing a new babe. Join us for a panel discussion in partnership with Not Safe for Mom Group (NSFMG); led by NSFMG founder, Alexis Barad-Cutler, and accompanied by Mama Talks co-founder Mari AgoryBINTO founder Suzie Welsh and Mama Glow doula, Lauren Solomon.