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We set up Good Neighbours to support the needs of those around us; the people, projects and initiatives in our own backyard. We invite our neighbours in, and listen to what they have to say through events, talks and workshops. We get out there to help, volunteer and raise awareness on the important issues that matter to our communities. Because when the neighbourhood flourishes, so do we all.

Support where it counts

We’re living in tough times, through changes that leave the vulnerable even more so. As a brand that puts a roof over your head, homelessness is close to our heart. Every Hoxton has a local homeless charity partner, supported through ongoing donations and annual initiatives like Stay For A Stay – where, for a couple of winter months, we donate a stay in a shelter to someone who really needs it for every room booked directly with us.

Of course, there are plenty more important issues that need help, so we make time for those too. Whether that’s hosting Good Table events which encourage open, insightful conversations around topics including diversity, inclusion, and mental health, or working with LGBTQIA+ groups to spotlight safe spaces for the community.

Stay for a stay

Our communities need help now more than ever, which is why The Hoxton is reviving its Stay for a Stay initiative to support our local homeless shelters.

Book direct at any of our global Hoxtons between 16 November and 7 December, for stays between 15 December and 29 February, and we’ll match it with a night in a local shelter for someone facing homelessness.

Just for the neighbourhood

Every property runs a programme of regular events that means something to the community around it – from litter picking runs to tidying the local communal garden. The idea is to tailor a special set of opportunities for the neighbourhood to gather, socialise and grow.

Going local

Bring the inside out, and the outside in – it’s kinda a Hox mantra. We provide a platform for local makers and artists in our Hox Galleries, and collaborate with neighbourhood creatives to fill our walls with photography, artworks and murals. Every Hoxton has a Hox Shop, which we pack with drinks, treats and eats from independent brands based in the city we land in. Our digital ‘Survival Guides’ and Discovery Boards in the lobbies hero small businesses and hidden gems, alongside the usual tourist attractions – even our keycards celebrate the history of the local area. And we use local beer, water and wine brands in our restaurants at every opportunity we can get.

For our crew

Being a good neighbour isn’t just about the area around a Hox: it’s about looking after what’s inside too. Everyone that works for us gets access to a big ol’ bag of perks and support networks. We give our people mental health and first aid training so they can help others, free health support, a generous pension scheme and flexi working wherever we can.

We’ve also got a Diversity & Inclusion council that runs training sessions for our team ten times a year, and we always try to represent all walks of life in our marketing materials, too – from photography, artists and Hox Friends to creating an LGBTQIA+ guide to London.

Last but not least, transparency is important to us. We share no-BS financial updates with the whole gang through our monthly All Hands meets. Regardless of where in the world you work for the Hox, or what your job title is, everyone gets access to the same company-wide insights.

Got a Good Idea?

Listening matters; and so does our community. Tell us how you think we could do better – we’ll hang onto every word. Any feedback or tips you give will go directly to our Brand COO, Rob, for monthly review; so you can be sure we’re paying super-close attention. Better still, we’ll roll out the best ideas globally, and tell the world it came from you.