Go Back dim. - dim. 7 - 28 juil. 11AM – 1PM
Go Back dim. - dim. 7 - 28 juil. - juil. 11AM – 1PM

Sober Curious Sundays: Tea Ceremony with Bibi McGIll

The Hoxton, Portland, 15 NW 4th Ave, Portland

Like yoga, tea is a medicine that opens up the body’s energy channels. Through the ancient practice of a Chinese tea ceremony, we learn to be present and listen. The first 90 minutes are silent and meditative, as we savor high-quality, aged pu-erh and oolong teas sourced from biodiverse regions of China and Taiwan. These teas encourage grounding, heart-opening, third eye and crown opening, and are sourced from trees and bushes up to 2,000 years old, harvested by generations of families with the highest integrity. The last 30 minutes is opened up for sharing and questions about the teas. What better way to connect with the local yoga community than by connecting with the plants of the Earth?