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Here's just a few reasons to book with us.

Price match guarantee

Late checkout for £5 an hour

A free light breakfast bag

Free wi-fi & international calls

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Green Policy

Not a load of Rubbish

Giving you the best of everything is our mission, stocking up our local landfill most definitely isn’t. We believe that sustainability is the only way to go, so we’ve made a few promises and we’re going to stick to them.

We promise:

To recycle all glass, paper, cans and plastic (80% of our rubbish is already recycled )
To recycle some of the more unusual things such as batteries, light bulbs and print cartridges.
To reuse or donate anything else we don’t need, such as wire coat hangers and lost property.
To meet monthly, discuss our progress and constantly look for new ways we can be even Greener (Recycling of food waste is top of the list).
To plan to convert more of our lighting to more sustainable energy saving methods.
To use automatic sensors to ensure lights are off when no one’s around.
To buy the most energy efficient appliances.
To recycle cooking oil.
To use recycled paper in our offices.
To use ecological cleaning products. We are testing a cool device that uses water and an electrical current to clean!
To use water based paints.
To promote walking and cycling to work. A lot of the Hox Team cycle, walk or run to work – that’s why they’re all extremely fit.
To work with Heart of the City on corporate social responsibility initiatives.
To partner with suppliers (such as our laundry company Royal Jersey) who are environmentally sound.