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Young Collectors Salon: YOUNG

The Art of not being Intimidated

The Hoxton, Amsterdam, Herengracht 255, 1016 BJ Amsterdam, Netherlands
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The Art of not being Intimidated

For art-lovers and art-wanters, it’s time to start thinking about getting into the game – of collecting, that is. But sometimes with stuffy galleries, seasoned art collectors and a lingo of its own, the whole thing can seem a bit… scary. The Young Collectors Salon is all about wiping away the intimidation by teaming up with local artists, collectors and dealers for interesting, informal get-togethers. The goal? To talk through all the ins and outs of starting your very own collection, developing your own taste and style and having a bit of fun with it. 
Hosting the night is author and journo Sarah Meuleman talking all about the night’s theme: YOUNG. That means young talent, young creatives, young art entrepreneurs, and most importantly, young understandings of the wide world of collecting. Joining her is owner of the Mini Galerie Julia van der Meer, artist Wouter van der Laan, founder of Patty Morgan Matthijs Booij and Young Collectors couple Julia Mullié and Nick Terra.
All that AND a bevvy on the side. ENGLISH SPEAKERS BEWARE: this one’s 100% in het Nederlands.