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Go Back Wed - Sat 4 - 1 Jan - Apr  

The Hox Gallery: Laser 3.14

Are you reading me?

The Hoxton, Amsterdam, Herengracht 255, 1016 BJ Amsterdam, Netherlands ,
Free Event

Are you reading me?

It’s hard not to recognise: everywhere you walk in Amsterdam, you see construction and renovation projects, decked out with temporary wooden walls covered in graffiti, posters, stickers and more. The most surprising thing on these sites? Poetry. Small lines, bits of wisdom and thought-provoking ramblings sprinkle the recycled wooden walls, all accompanied by an unmistakable signature: Laser 3.14

Having spent more than 15 years creating poetry in the street, Laser’s name is inseparable from any conversation about urban art in the ‘Dam. Now for this exhibition, in collaboration with The Garage Gallery, he’s decked out The Hoxton, Amsterdam with his works on wood, in which he reclaims wood from the streets, bringing the outdoors in by transforming the raw materials into striking art objects.

The Hoxtown Gallery features works from local artists, changing up our exhibitions quarterly. Watch this space for more artists to come!