Go Back Sun 18 Nov 2pm-4pm
Go Back Sun 18 Nov 2pm-4pm

The Good Mood Class by Sophie Trem

The Hoxton, Williamsburg, 97 Wythe Avenue, Brooklyn

Hailing all the way from Paris, we’re thrilled to have founder of the Good Mood Class, Sophie Trem, for a class dedicated to…well…bettering your mood – no pills or fluids required! 

The Good Mood Class is powered by passionate people who have chosen to adopt a positive outlook on life, regardless of what is thrown at them. With a little help from their friends at Clinique, the GMC students will share their experiences and provide tips to instill a positive energy that is so contagious, you’ll feel like a million bucks after. Trem will guide the class through posture and breathing exercises, understanding the power of now and positive thinking. Added bonus! Atelier Cologne will be on deck personalizing bottles of fragrance for all! 

Dress comfortably – the GMC gets you off your tail, moving and grooving.