Go Back Sun 25 Nov 13.00 - 15.30
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Go Back Sun 25 Nov 13.00 - 15.30

The Future of Music and Social Change

The Hoxton, Amsterdam, Herengracht 255, 1016 BJ Amsterdam, Netherlands
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From Aretha Franklin to Childish Gambino, music has long been a vehicle for social change. How does it impact the way people think and act? What role can it play in social movements? And can it be used to trigger long-term sustainable change?

We explore these questions with Musicians Without Borders, a global network that uses music as a tool for peace building and connecting communities.

Join MWB at The Hox for a panel session including SoFar, ADE Green, MassiveMusic and other organisations who are putting music back on the social agenda. All ticket proceeds will go towards supporting MWB programs.