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Go Back Mon - Wed 6 - 23 Jul - Sep  

Hoxtown Gallery Presents: i-D Straight Ups

The Hoxton, Amsterdam, Herengracht 255, 1016 BJ Amsterdam, Netherlands ,
Free Event

Straight up: that’s an idea we can easily get down with. i-D founder and original Editor in Chief Terry Jones pioneered the hybrid style of documentary/fashion photography in 1980. At first, the pics were of punks and new-wave youth spotted on English streets, who were simply asked to stand against a nearby blank wall. Fast forward, and these fresh, straight-on, “top to toe” photos have created a vivid historical archive and established the posed “straight up” as a valid style of documentary photography.

The best part? It’s all about catching people in their hometown, with the pics featuring someone street-cast with great style, accompanied by a short Q&A about their life, likes and dislikes. To kick off the Hoxtown Gallery in Amsterdam, i-D has curated i-D Straight Ups, featuring pics from around The Hoxton, Amsterdam's lil' neighbourhood. What better way to get to know our neighbours?

The Hoxtown gallery features works from local artists, changing up our exhibitions quarterly. Keep one eye open for many more exhibitions to come!

Photography by: Amber Grace Dixon