Go Back Thu 25 Oct 7pm-9pm
Go Back Thu 25 Oct 7pm-9pm

Halloween Pumpkins with Lillian Farag

The Hoxton, Williamsburg, 97 Wythe Avenue, Brooklyn

Halloween decorations have long been associated with the beautifully tacky aisle of Duane Reade – those bits you buy to put out for a day or two then tuck away for the next October 31st. This year, we’re upping the ante for Halloween décor with the chicest painter in the ‘hood, Lillian Farag. Drop by The Hox for a guided painting workshop. Our canvas? Pumpkins. We have a feeling your final product will be so good, you’ll want to keep it out all year ‘round.

Lillian Farag has been designing textiles, accessories and hand-painted leather goods, known in the design world for her playful use of color, pattern and texture in everything she creates. The Hoxton partnered with Farag to produce four unique hand-painted leather wallets – their whimsical designs sure to add a bit of fun to anyone’s day.

All materials included.