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Go Back Wed 30 Oct 08:30pm

Get Quizzical with Jahannah James

The Hoxton, Holborn, 199-206 High Holborn, London, WC1V 7BD
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£2 per head

Actress and all-round funny gal Jahannah James is bringing all the laughs to our FIRST EVER quiz night at Hubbard & Bell. 

She'll be taking over the mic and dishing out questions set to challenge even the most diehard University Challengers among us. 

And for brain fuel, we’ve rustled up some special sharing boards for the night, with cheese toasties, chicken wings and Hox Moiseurs galore. 

Bring your pals! It’s £2 per head and up to 6 per team, with all cash going towards the BIG jackpot.