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Empowerment: The Other Side of Sex Work

The Hoxton, Amsterdam, Herengracht 255, 1016 BJ Amsterdam, Netherlands
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Sex work is a tricky topic – from well-meaning legal attempts to prevent malicious actions, to discrimination in the media, to draconian and conservative policies and institutional oppression, there are many fronts where we seek progress. But focusing on the (very real) struggles only illuminates half the story. We're teaming up with Hot Takes and Rosie Enorah Heart of PROUD to hear from professionals who've discovered that sex work can be meaningful – not only for clients, but also for themselves. Offering emotional and physical support can be intensely rewarding, and the depth of human experience means there is always more to learn and explore. Let’s hear first-hand from the people empowered by doing a job they love, and find out how to create supportive community of allies to normalize and celebrate this timeless and important profession. All ticket sales will go towards supporting the PROUD association, offering legal and emotional support to sex workers.


About Rosie Enorah Heart:

Rosie is a globetrotting sex worker and sex educator. She has worked as an escort, brothel worker, cam girl, and now runs her own business as a queer kinky tantrika. She specialises in journeying with her clients into their most secret fantasies, allowing them to integrate the shadow parts of themselves. Touch, breath, sensuality and sexuality are her most powerful tools for getting people back in touch with their body and the deliciousness it is capable of. She also works at the Dutch sex workers' union PROUD, fighting for sex workers' rights. In 2017, Rosie was named Sex Worker of the Year at the Sexual Freedom Awards in London.