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A Modern Approach to Dating with Clara Artschwager

The Hoxton, Williamsburg, 97 Wythe Avenue, Brooklyn

A cursory Google search for dating advice will deliver an avalanche of rules: Never be the one to text first after the first date. Wait this long to text back. Put this in your online profile to get more people swiping right. Don’t sleep with them until the third date. The process of meeting someone and developing a relationship is presented as a game of dos and don’ts; definitive right ways and wrong ways to meet someone. But the truth is, dating an emotionally complicated endeavor. The ultimate goal – a deep and meaningful connection with a person you respect, admire and love – is no small feat. It takes grit, courage, humility, and endless compassion for oneself. Join human behavior specialist and dating coach Clara Artschwager as she shares her insights around a more modern approach to dating based in self-knowledge, not games or rules. Clara explains how to approach dating and relationships from a place of intention and clarity, and covers how to meet people in person, how to manage app fatigue, how to deal with ghosting, and much more. If you’re seeking a smarter and more intentional approach to love and relationships, join us.

And what's more? We'll have Legally Addictive snacks to nosh on all evening long.