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Cocktails in the City: The Preview

The Hoxton, Shoreditch, 81 Great Eastern St, London, EC2A 3HU
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Who said you can't do cocktails on Mondays? Not US. Head over to The Hoxton, Shoreditch for a Cocktails in the City preview night. Cocktails in the City is the UK's biggest cocktail party, taking 25 of the world's best cocktail bars and putting them all under one roof, returning to London on the 5th - 7th April.
We just can't wait that long so we'll be hosting the preview night with eight of this year's leading cocktail bars, coming together for an exclusive taste of what to expect at this year's festival. Head over for speed cocktail dating as you bar hop round our Apartment space, learning how they've made their 'Inspired by London' cocktail serve. When the music stops, you find a room, a bar and a cocktail to taste-test and when it starts you move on to another one. 
There'll be food, music and plenty of drinks to be had as you discover new bars and cocktail trends.