The Hoxton is a series of open-house hotels inspired by the diversity and originality of the streets and scenes that surround us.

Ever since we opened our first hotel in Shoreditch back in 2006, we’ve never just been about offering a bed for the night. We want to be more than that: providing a place where guests can hang out alongside the locals and submerse themselves in the neighbourhood with vibrant, welcoming public spaces, and proving style doesn’t need to be sacrificed for good value.

Each of our individual hotels are in neighbourhoods we love. The Hoxton, Holborn opened in 2014, followed by The Hoxton, Amsterdam in 2015, The Hoxton, Paris in 2017, and most recently, The Hoxton, Williamsburg in 2018, our first in the US. The Hoxton will soon open its doors in Portland, followed by Chicago, LA and Southwark in 2019.

From Shoreditch to New York, our doors are always open.